Ratator Pest is a character from The Garfield Show episode "A Game of Cat and Mouse" and the secondary antagonist of the The Boneheads Movie: Imagination Wars. He was voiced by Boneheads creator Hadley Hudson.


Being a feline, he was the thug assassin who was hired by Leroy to kill Roccos and Bone. The reason being that Leroy kidnapped V. Nuss Flytrap and Bit was committed by Dinnosaur, so Leroy threatened to execute V. Nuss Flytrap and Bit. Obviously, Leroy wanted them to die from a painful and wrongful execution, and upon learning Roccos and Bone's journey to get the Sword of Ideals, he sends Ratator Pest after them. Roccos and Bone encounter Ratator Pest for the first time after reaching the end of the Dangerously Hazardous Trench. Ratator Pest was about to kill them with his "big" spiky shoe, only to be stepped on by Ross Lynch's "big sandal" in the climax of the film. Here, Roccos and Bone hitch a ride on the backside of Lynch, who speedily swims through the lake in order to send them back to the Land of Imagination. During the middle of their swim, Roccos and Bone see the sandal belonging to Ross Lynch. Ratator Pest then detaches from the sandal and onto Lynch, revealing that he is still alive. He tries to kill Roccos and Bone, but end up gets knocked out into the lake by a boat while Ross Lynch dock swam.


  • Ratator Pest appeared twice and was defeated by pure luck both times (first, he was stepped on by Ross Lynch, then he was hit by a boat).
  • Roccos and Bone were most likely the only characters to successfully escape Ratator Pest due to the fact that he quickly went insane after being defeated only once.
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